DLL Error Fix - A Trick That Solves DLL Errors

DLL errors are one of the most common problems for Windows computers and are extremely annoying. They have been an issue on Windows for as long as the system has been released, and in order to fix the problem, there's a simple trick that you can do. The way to fix DLL errors is to fix the parts of Windows that are causing the problem. DLL files stand for "Dynamic Link Libraries" and are basically small files which contain a series of instructions that many different programs can use. These files were introduced in Windows '98 to prevent programs from taking up too much hard drive space by putting all the common functions into these.dll files. Every program you use on Windows uses DLL reference files to help them run. One of the best examples of these files in action is the functions it takes to help a program connect to the Internet. All the chat programs you have, like Skype, AIM and MSN all rely on certain .dll files to help them connect to the web, and the reason why.dll errors are caused it because many of the files these programs need can become damaged, corrupted or lost. The problem you are seeing is that whenever you want to use a program, it's needs to use various DLL files in order for it to run. And unfortunately, Windows has a habit of replacing these files with older versions or just losing the files, making them unable to be loaded. This causes your PC to become unable to read the files it needs, slowing it down and making it have various .DLL errors. Fortunately, there's a way to fix this by fixing the links that windows has with these files. To fix DLL errors, you need to fix the corrupt file and the references that Windows has to that file. And this is all done with a 'registry cleaner' which is a software tool that scans through the system files of Windows and fixes all of the damaged files that are inside it. These tools work very well to fix DLL errors as they replace all the outdated DLL files with fresh ones and correct the paths that Windows has to the files. You can download these tools off the Internet and allow them to clean through your PC. They will show you the number of errors that are inside it and allow you to fix them automatically. You can stop DLL errors by using a 'registry cleaner' to fix all the damaged DLL file references. To do this, you can download a registry cleaner to fix the DLL errors. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Henry_Johnson

EXE Error Solution!

Last month I was extremely annoyed with exe error. At first I had no idea of such phrase. After searching on the Internet and consulting some experts, I came to know what causes exe error and how to solve it. In this article, I will share what I learned with those who are suffering exe errors. Reasons and Solutions 1. Deficient system resource In this condition, do not open too many programs at the same time. You can enlarge the virtual memory by closing some programs. 2. Damage of system files. You should check the file of explorer.exe whose normal size is 237k or 238k. If this file is damaged, you can copy another one from other computers. 3. Conflict between different kinds of software. This is usually caused by incompatible IME. Thus you can change another IME to see whether it can help. 4. Viruses. It is no doubt that you should clear all the viruses. However, this is not enough because sometimes anti-virus software is useless. You should update Windows system frequently. 5. Error of the system core. There are two ways to deal with it. - Reinstall Windows system - If you do not want to reinstall, Registry Winner can also help. Optimize Windows with "Startup Manager", "Uninstall Manager" and "System Optimizer". Registry Winner can help you remove all unnecessary startup programs, uninstall all useless software and shred all unwanted files without recovery, thus, Windows will run much faster than ever before. 6. RAM error. In this condition, you can clear your PC. Free download Registry Winner, then this optimizer will perform an automatically full scan, and in several minutes all the errors will be cleaned. Do not worry when you meet exe error. Follow the above steps one by one, and it will be fixed easily. Then your PC will run as a new one. To fix exe error and for more information, please click: http://www.newpccleaner.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rainy_Dong

Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error With Registry Cleaner

When you receive messages like Microsoft visual c++ runtime library error, it simply means that the Microsoft Windows in your compute is having problems, and such problems could be related to the registry, which points out to the fact that you require a registry cleaner. You will experience a number of errors in the programs, if your compute system requires a registry cleaner's use. The common errors that you experience while operating the system pertains to the runtime error, which doesn't allow running of the programs in a proper manner, or even it may not allow you to access the files that you may be trying to access. You should in such a case use the registry cleaner software to fix the errors. When you come across runtime errors while using the programs installed in your computer, say, Microsoft Visual C++, which could be occurring due to your downloading applications, or installing or uninstalling new programs, or such errors are already in the Windows programs in the computer. In such cases, it will lead to errors in registry files making it impossible for you to run the files or programs. When you install a software called registry cleaner and use it you will be able to scan the computer registry in full and recognize the problems that are causing this error. The errors that you are facing may be due to the missing programs or files in the computer, which you may have deleted or that were not properly installed in the computer. Through a registry cleaner software, you will be able to repair the errors and get back the computer to its proper running condition. The Registry Cleaner will help you to repair wrong program shortcuts, discover missing associations of files, as also invalid extensions or classes and empty folders or missing information. The usage of registry cleaner is not complicated and after installation of the software, you can scan all the programs and files, which are in the registry and detect the culprits which are causing the errors and repair them properly. These software are available online and you can download and use them to help you ascertain the reason for the Microsoft visual c++ runtime library error as you will also be instructed what you should do to repair the files or programs. You should download a software which suits Microsoft programs, and which can scan the computer for files or programs which are improperly working or completely missing. Since there are so many downloads available on the let, which leads to these registry errors, which can be repairs so that your normal working on the computer is not disturbed. Whenever you find programs which refuses to work, you should use registry cleaner. You will then find out the files which are not working and repair them. Fixing microsoft visual c++ runtime library error is easy to do with registry cleaner. If you scan your computer it will detect the errors in your registry and safely remove them. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Hason_Lacny

Windows XP Error, Fix it Now Before the Blue Screen of Death Appears!

Windows XP error fix is becoming a demand, so to say, now a-days. These errors appear quite so often especially now that a lot of people have better access to computers and to different applications. Do something now and save your computer from totally crashing down. This very popular operating system, Windows XP, is designed to run at optimum level all the time maximizing the capabilities of your system. Well engineered, this system is equipped to fix errors, retrieve files, and other amazing functions. Windows XP, even though how close to perfect it is as an operating system, still like many technologies, it is prone to bugging down in the long run. These errors are due to a cluttered registry. When the users installs, deletes, adds, move files, and other functions related, the registry gets all jumbled up, causing errors and even causing the dreaded blue screen of death appear. The internet too is one of the main causes of computer problems as it is the host of malicious files like viruses and spy wares. This registry, even if it is the cause of the errors, is very important in our computer system. It makes it possible for us to retain settings, retrieve files, and other amazing functions that make our computer use a lot more convenient. Imagine a computer crashing without the registry - a lot of files and settings will be lost. Windows XP error fix is not a thing to worry about. It is still possible for us to repair and even prevent errors from appearing annoyingly. All we need to have is a registry cleaner. Registry cleaner software is essential in diagnosing, maintaining the condition of your pc, and fixing problems that cause errors. Having such software ensures a faster pc with less error and other PC problems. It keeps your computer in tip top shape. In order for you to do Microsoft XP error fix, you have to chose your registry cleaner well. It will cause a lot more problems when you get a software that underperforms or not compatible. You have to make sure that your chosen cleaner software is compatible with Microsoft XP. Choose cleaner software that functions well and offers the optimum protection and fix for your PC. It should include diagnosis of the error, error fix, preventive mechanisms, and automatic functioning. Also, mind your skills in Microsoft XP error fix. If you are an intermediate user and have know-how in registry fix, then you will have a lot of cleaners to choose from. If not then please choose the one that is user-friendly or can be easily operated by rookies. Are you tired losing time and money over a slow computer? Are you going to let a few computer errors screw up your show? Click on best registry cleaner to solve these pesky errors in no time. Click on http://bestregistrycleanerreviewsnow.com now. It's free! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_N._Manhattan

Internet Explorer (IE) Running Slow on Windows 7

Have you noticed Internet Explorer (IE) running slow on Windows 7? This slow speed has been experienced by many people using Windows 7. It has been reported by a number of users that initially all the web browsers run fast but as some time passes they start to run slower. What exactly could be causing this with your IE? Is that an issue with the Windows 7 or it has something to do with the browser itself? Undoubtedly slow performance of PC programs is intolerable. However, it is not just IE browser running slow on Windows 7. Other browsers such as Opera, Chrome and Firefox have also been found to run slow due to various reasons. If you are looking to speed up Internet Explorer for your Windows 7 then follow these simple guidelines: * First of clean computer up through a sophisticated registry cleaning tool The registry repairing program will work to reduce registry clutter and fix those errors which cause the computer programs to run slow and crash frequently. * Go to the control panel settings and adjust the mouse settings. In the mouse settings window click on the pointer options and make the pointer speed a little faster. This little act will give you a feel that your computer is running faster. * Clear the IE cache:Whenever you are about to end browsing clear the internet explorer cache to make it lighter and run faster on the Windows 7. * Clean the temporary internet files and the IE history. * Get rid of excessive toolbars: Excessive toolbars and add-ons are often found to be not only making the browser slow but also causing it to crash frequently. Fixing the registry errors such as the active-x and file association errors can prevent your browser from crashing and freezing. The above guidelines are found to be helpful to deal with the Internet Explorer running slow on Windows 7. In addition running the registry repairing scan with the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut is greatly helpful for good PC and browser health. To download this recommended software in less than 17 Seconds Click Here Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=A._Honey

How to Fix 'Bad Pool Caller Error' in Windows Instantly - Stop This Error From Reoccurring

Errors of all types generally happen with Computers. Some of them are very common and we get used to them and then do not worry when they pop up again after some time. But some errors could be new like 'Bad Pool Caller Error' that is referred as computer error running on Windows operating system. You get signals of this error when computer screen shows blue color while booting and shows error message with a cryptic number. It is advisable to shut down your system immediately so as to prevent loss of data. There could be various reasons for 'Bad Pool Caller Error' to occur in the System. * It can appear during up gradation of OS or after you have added some new hardware. * It may also appear because of installation of some software programs or after updating system. It shows something like "stop: 0x000000c2" on the screen. * It can also come on your computer screen due to defective memory chip. * If driver is incompatible with hardware of system or there is some problem in management of memory, then also your system may show this error on screen. To fix 'Bad pool caller error' in windows immediately, * First of all you must check that all hardware is properly functioning. * Perform memory test (Tools -> Windows Memory Diagnostic). * Press F1 to change mode to advanced mode or enter in safe mode using F8 key. * Unplug complete hardware from the system and look for the problem. You can add cards to PC to detect problem area. * Set up BIOS indicating for boot to happen via disk. After accessing Windows, run 'Run Scanner' memory test to find the problem lies. * If memory test shows no booting problem, it means that there is no problem with PC hardware but there is some error in software. * Perform a thorough check on Windows Registry. There may be a problem in registry that shows 'Bad Pool Caller Error' as registry gets corrupted at times during installation/ un-installation of software. Scan the registry files to fix the error. Choose a reliable registry cleaner. Try all these tips and fix the error instantly to make your computer free of various errors/ disruptions. This error shows message which says "Windows has detected some problem and is shutting down to prevent damage to computer" on blue colored screen. You can repair 'Bad Pool Caller Error' easily and without spending any money. After you have scanned and fixed your PC, it will start working at amazing speed. To stop it from reoccurring you must use registry cleaners regularly and install only licensed software. Running antivirus software regularly also helps in detecting and cleaning malware. Frustrated of slowing Windows performance? Do you want to solve Bad Pool Caller Error in cheap and fast way? Please do the scan of registry error in your PC for free and fix them in second with the best registry cleaner by Clicking Here. When you've fixed the errors, be amaze how fast your computer is! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bryan_Adam_Miller

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How to Fix The Connection Was Reset

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